Correct Pack Empowering the Future of Packaging | Pack Expo Las Vegas 2023

July 20, 2023

Correct Pack is excited to announce its participation in the highly anticipated Pack Expo USA 2023, scheduled to take place in Las Vegas from 11th to 13th September 2023. As a leading manufacturer of cutting-edge coding and marking solutions, we are eager to showcase our latest innovations at Booth SL-6299.


Pack Expo USA is a premier event in the packaging industry, bringing together industry leaders, professionals to explore the latest developments and trends in packaging technology. This year, Correct Pack is proud to present an impressive lineup of revolutionary printing solutions designed to elevate your production processes to new heights.

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Featured Printer at Booth SL-6299:

CIJ inkjet printer

  1. The CP9000 series of CIJ printers offer manufacturers with the simplest, most reliable, and efficient coding solution, with a rich production line speed, minimal maintenance, and increased efficiency. It has four series of CIJ printers:CP9000S is standard model,CP9000H high-speed model, CP9000M is micro model,CP9000P is pigment model efficiency.

  2. ■  430m/min ultra-high-speed printing.

  3. ■  20 languages available, enhanced print quality in high speed printing.

  4. ■  Designed for simplicity. Integrated ink module design, surface mount main filter to simplify maintenance of printers.

  5. ■  Printhead interior circuits are fully sealed by outstanding dielectric strength and corrosion resistant epoxy to ensure robust printhead performance throughout entire printer life.

CO2 laser printer

■  High Performance Running

The total output power is optimized to achieve the highest performance. Long-lifeaser sources, minimal maintenance, delivering unparalleled investment return and performance to our customers.

■  Fast and Accurate Coding

Accurate and permanent laser codes are easy to read, efficiently provide the unique for product,while providing built-in anti-counterfeiting protection. It is free of consumables and virtually maintenance-free, i.e. subsequent costs are low.

■  Efficient Productivity

Achieve top speeds with serialization data and complex codes and faster data processing capabilities, coupled with a large printing area, can increase throughput and performance,then make the production line run normally.

■  Easy to Use

With 10.2μm/10.6μm/9.3μm wavelength selection, easy to disassemble throat design can be quickly installation.

UV laser printer

  1. ■  Excellent performance, flexible and reliable

  2. Using online high-speed non-stop laser marking, high production efficiency, can work in both static and high-speed flow state of the production line.

  3. ■  Simple installation, convenient and easy to use

  4. Simple, lightweight chassis, the smallest and lightest laser print head can be directly installed on the production line, it's suitable for any production space.

  5. ■  Low operating cost, long-term maintenance-free

  6. The operating cost is extremely low, no unplanned shutdown of production is avoided. The equipment can be operated without maintenance for a long time, without the need for maintenance by a dedicated person, without any consumables and zero operating costs.

  7. ■  Powerful data processing, strong anti-counterfeiting

  8. The control host adopts an embedded flight system, which has powerful data transmission and processing capabilities, it can be connected to all anti-counterfeiting data systems to meet multi-level anti-counterfeiting needs, with clear and permanent markings.

  9. ■  Safety and environmental protection

  10. It does not produce substances harmful to the environment and the human body, it produces surface scratches on the objects to be printed. It is an environmentally friendly high-tech product.

About Correct Pack:

Correct Pack is a leading provider of cutting-edge coding and marking solutions, catering to various industries worldwide. With a passion for innovation and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Correct Pack continues to redefine printing technology, enabling businesses to excel in their respective markets.

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