Can the 20w laser marking machine be changed?


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

Many people have used the 20w laser marking machine for a long time, and found that the power and performance of the laser marking machine are not enough, so can the performance of the 20w laser marking machine be changed? The answer is yes, let's introduce how to change it. Laser modification plan: We can change the laser, we can replace the 20w laser with imported or domestic power laser, we can greatly improve the performance of our laser marking machine by changing the laser to 30w or 50w, but in the process of changing Among them, you need to support other accessories that you love more. The plan of changing the galvanometer: We can change the galvanometer into a high-performance galvanometer, which can also improve the efficiency of the marking machine. Simply speaking, the laser galvanometer is a kind of scanning galvanometer used in the laser industry. Its professional term is called high-speed scanning galvanometer (English: Galvo scanning system). The galvanometer scanning marking head is mainly composed of XY scanning mirror, field mirror, galvanometer and computer-controlled marking software. Select the corresponding optical components according to the different laser wavelengths. Related options also include laser beam expanders, lasers, etc. Its working principle is that the laser beam is incident on two mirrors (scanning mirrors), and the reflection angle of the mirrors is controlled by a computer. The laser focus point with a certain power density moves on the marking material according to the required requirements. Changing the field lens solution: We can change the field lens to a large format field lens. The lens that works near the focal plane of the objective lens and can effectively reduce the size of the detector is called a field lens. To be precise, the field lens should work on the image plane of the objective lens. On the one hand: the object plane of the field lens coincides with the main plane, and its magnification is 1 according to the characteristics of the main plane, so it has no contribution to the magnification of the system; on the other hand, the field lens should project the diaphragm surface of the objective lens on the eyepiece On the entrance pupil, for a single lens, the diaphragm surface is also the exit pupil, which can ensure that the exit light of the objective lens can pass through the eyepiece to the maximum extent. If used in a scanning system, the detector replaces the entrance pupil of the eyepiece. Based on the above, the 20w laser marking machine can be changed, only the corresponding accessories need to be changed. But we do not recommend that you change it yourself.

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