How to adjust the power and frequency of 20W laser marking machine


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

The 20W laser marking machine is often used to mark plastic and metal materials. Many people don’t know how to adjust it to make the product surface deep. Let’s take a look at it together. If you want to mark the deepest metal material, you need to adjust the speed, power and frequency of the laser marking machine. Next, we will calculate according to the deepest standard and stainless steel material. For a 20w laser marking machine, first adjust the speed of the laser marking machine to 100 and adjust the power. It is 100 and the frequency is adjusted to 50. This is full-load work. It can be marked deeper on the surface of stainless steel, but this may have a disadvantage, which may appear yellow and black. If it is a relatively thin stainless steel plate, it may appear Deformation, this is the parameter of deep drilling. If the effect is not ideal, we should upgrade the laser, which can be upgraded to 50w. In addition, if you want the effect to be more uniform, we recommend using the following parameters. You can adjust the speed to 300, the speed to 90, and the frequency to 30. In this way, the depth of the printing will basically not be deformed, and there will be no burning. If you want to make deep marks on plastic, we generally recommend using a cold laser, that is, an ultraviolet laser marking machine. However, many users currently have limited budgets and can only use fiber laser marking machines or carbon dioxide laser marking machines. Fiber laser marking machines The price of the marking machine is relatively low, and it also has a good performance on plastic materials, but the depth of plastic marking may not be particularly satisfactory. We recommend that the marking speed be adjusted to 1500. The power of the marking machine is adjusted to 15, and the default frequency is fine. If you need to hit deep, you can increase the power a little bit, and that's it. The 20W laser marking machine needs to adjust 3 parameters, power, speed and frequency, so as to effectively mark the surface of the product. However, different parameters and different product material surfaces also have different performances.

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