What is the power of 20w laser marking machine


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20w laser marking machine is the most commonly used laser marking machine equipment, many people do not know the concept, how much power is the 20w laser marking machine? In fact, this 20w shows the power of the machine. Let's take a look at the detailed introduction below. 20w laser marking machine, as the name implies, 20w, the power is 20 watts, w is the unit for physically describing the power, the full name is watt, and the symbol is W. A watt is defined as 1 joule per second (1J/s), the rate at which energy (measured in joules) is converted, used or dissipated per second. In the electrical system of units, it is volts times amperes (V x A). Kilowatt is more commonly used as a unit in daily life, 1 kilowatt = 1000 watts. So this 20w is 20w, and the actual power is obtained according to the laser data. When purchasing a laser marking machine, you must ask clearly about the power of the laser marking machine. The actual power of a 20w laser marking machine is 20w. 60w machine. Common carbon dioxide lasers also have 20w, 30w, and 50w. There are also UV lasers 3w, 5w, 10w. Ultraviolet lasers are generally more expensive and suitable for some fine markings. Based on the above, the power of a 20w laser marking machine is 20w. The actual power of a 20w laser can actually reach 24w. Generally, 20w in the marking machine selection can basically meet our use conditions. If the depth of product marking It is not particularly important, it is recommended to use 20w is enough. The following are the relevant parameters of the 20w laser (for reference only): 20w laser product features: high stability laser output, high single pulse energy, high marking efficiency, short pulse establishment time, high reliability, maintenance-free operation Optical characteristics: average Output power: ( W ): 20, center wavelength: ( nm ): 1064, repetition frequency range ( kHz ): 30-60, output power stability: <3% output characteristics: output spot diameter (mm): 7±1 , M²: <1.5, pulse width (ns): 120-150 (customizable), maximum single pulse energy (mJ): 0.67, polarization state: random, output fiber length (m): 3 (customizable) Electrical control characteristics : Input power (VDC): 24, power adjustment range (%): 10-100 Cooling method: Air cooling Working temperature (℃): 0-40.

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