The marking range of 30w laser marking machine


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Speaking of several marking machines, many companies are using 30w laser marking machines, many people don’t know, in fact, the marking range can be controlled, so how much is it, let’s tell you about the 30w laser The marking range of the marking machine is as large as the following options. When the marking range becomes larger, the marking accuracy will decrease. Because the marking range of the laser marking machine is determined by the field of view, and the field of view has a fixed focal length (the focal length refers to the distance from the optical lens to the workpiece to be marked), the marking effect of the workpiece within this focal length is very good. Now, in order to extend the marking range from 100mm×100mm to 200mm×200mm, it is necessary to increase the distance between the optical lens and the marked workpiece (the galvanometer goes up) and increase the focal length. Therefore, the marking effect of the workpiece will be deteriorated. In addition, large-scale marking increases the deflection area of ​​the galvanometer and reduces the marking speed. What should I do if the marking format is beyond the standard marking range of the laser marking machine and the marking effect is guaranteed? At this time, it is necessary to select a suitable field lens according to the marking range and effect requirements of the workpiece. If the marking area is large and the marking ranges of 400 mm*400 mm and 500 mm*500 mm cannot meet the requirements, you can consider purchasing a dynamic laser marking machine. Like some leather manufacturers, the marking area needs to be 500 mm*500 mm to 800 mm*800 mm. Of course, ordinary laser marking machines cannot do this. The dynamic large-area laser marking machine can switch different marking planes through the dynamic focus function, and the marking range is from 200mm×200mm to 600mm×600mm or even 1200mm×1200mm. For the marking range of the 30w laser marking machine, we recommend choosing 70MM 100MM 150MM 170MM 200MM, hoping to help you.

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