3w and 5w ultraviolet laser engraving machine maintenance knowledge


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

3w and 5w ultraviolet laser engraving machines are equipment and machines in industrial production, and their maintenance is still essential. If the maintenance work is done well, the service life of the machine can be greatly improved, and the failure of the machine in the normal working process can also be reduced, thereby improving our work efficiency. First of all, when we use the machine, we must pay attention to whether the height of the lift slide rail on the workbench is offset during work. If so, we must remember to adjust to the correct height. In addition, we should clean the site according to the correct method before use. It is recommended to wipe it with some small towels dipped in ethanol and wipe it in one direction. The second is the main box of the ultraviolet laser engraving machine. The main cabinet is a very important part and needs to be cleaned regularly. When a manager is in charge, he can blow along management lines. Remember, don't wash it with water, because there are still circuit boards inside, and it is not good to cause a short circuit. In addition, before starting the machine, we need to check whether the settings of our mobile phone have changed. We have to follow the instructions and the correct procedure to actually do it. During the operation of the equipment, the ultraviolet laser engraving machine must pay attention to the damage of the power supply and wires. If this happens, you must avoid repairing the power supply and wiring first, otherwise it will cause a short circuit or even worse disaster. Then, install the server computer. Cleaning is something that a lot of people would overlook in this place, but it needs cleaning quite often. During the cleaning process, try to work with one hand, which can prevent the current from creating a flow circuit with your body and causing damage to your body. In general, we should always check the condition of each part of the machine, including the operation of display lights and heat fans. If we find that the equipment is faulty, we must deal with this problem in time.

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