Analysis of the advantages of 3D laser engraving machine


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

With the development of science and technology, various marking schemes have appeared on the market. Each marking scheme has its own marking characteristics and range of materials suitable for marking. When users choose a marking scheme, they can only choose the appropriate marking scheme according to the specific application requirements. As a new type of marking equipment, 3D laser engraving machine is gradually showing more and more excellent performance and quality. Therefore, the application of 3D laser engraving machines in various industries is increasing year by year, especially in the hardware industry. What are the outstanding advantages of 3D laser engraving machine? Its outstanding features are high electro-optical conversion efficiency, small size, good output beam quality, high reliability and long service life. In addition, 3D laser engraving machines are widely used in industries such as mobile phone stainless steel jewelry, clocks and watches, molds, ICs, and mobile phone buttons. It can mark metal materials and some non-metal materials, including many areas that require high depth, smoothness, and fineness. The marking effect is durable, delicate, and clear. This 3D laser engraving machine can not only meet the needs of printing large amounts of data on hardware products, but also mark 2D barcodes with higher definition and precision. Compared with the traditional embossing marking method, laser marking undoubtedly has stronger functional advantages and broader domestic and foreign markets.

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