Analysis of the reasons affecting the marking speed of fiber laser laser engraving machine


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

Laser engraving machines can engrave a variety of materials, even metal, and it is easy to engrave. Many large and small handicrafts are made with high-fiber laser engraving machines, which are very easy to use. However, many manufacturers still have many questions about the use of the machine, especially in order to improve work efficiency, they will ask how to improve the speed of marking papers. Then, let's focus on how to improve the speed of marking, so that we can learn more about it, let us know more about it, and improve work efficiency conveniently. Analysis of the reasons affecting the marking speed of fiber laser engraving machine: If your marking machine speed is not high, you can first check the equipment problems inside your machine, and then you can see the processing status of the workpiece. The machine mainly uses a lot of auxiliary temperament. When purchasing a marking machine, pay attention to its function and configuration, and special models that can be purchased according to the engineer's introduction. Secondly, the marker range is related to this, so the deflection area can be adjusted during the adjustment process. At this time, we can look at the scene. The larger the spots, the faster the marking. The other point is the opposite. For marking density, the larger the width, the slower the marking speed, and the smaller the marking width, the faster the marking area. Under other conditions being the same, the higher the marking density will directly affect the marking speed of our machine. If you can't debug and adjust, you can find a professional to adjust, so that the expected situation can be achieved. However, it still depends on the maximization of the machine, and the power of the electricity will also have some influence.

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