Analysis on the use of laser marking machine and laser marking focal length


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With the enhancement of people's health awareness, people pay more and more attention to the safety of drugs. When there is a problem with the drug, people can directly trace the source and production time of the drug. The basis is the identification code on the drug package. Visible, the drug label How important it is, the pharmaceutical packaging industry needs to strictly control the drug labeling process, and the application of laser marking machines in the pharmaceutical labeling industry is introduced. According to the industry, the drug safety problem has made the public panic and affects the hearts of thousands of families. The application of laser marking machines in the medical marking industry has been generally improved. Its non-contact marking method meets the requirements of safe and hygienic medical products. The information of the laser marking technology used is clear and intuitive, with strong corrosion resistance and is not easy to be altered and erased, which ensures the anti-counterfeiting of pharmaceutical products and makes consumers feel more at ease when using it. a heavy machine“Insurance”. It is understood that the laser marking machine uses a high-energy laser beam as a brush, and controls the trajectory of the brush through the separation of the computer and fine machinery. It can accurately print the corresponding supervision code on the drug packaging box. It has non-contact, processing High precision and other characteristics, and the machine is more sensitive, it can print numbers, characters and patterns, and the number of printed lines and font size are not limited, and users can easily set it according to their needs.

Compared with the traditional inkjet marking, the laser marking machine can directly code the consumption date and other information on the appearance or inside of the product. Solved the problem of product fleeing due to unclear identification, and became a new bright spot in market sales. Laser marking machine For pharmaceutical companies, the clear identification of products is a method of recognizing the corporate standards of ultraviolet laser marking machines, which is also a manifestation of long-term safe use. Therefore, for pharmaceutical companies, the use of laser marking machines can Improving the product image and the management of different logos can establish an easily recognizable image and beautify the appearance of the product, which can help improve product sales in the market. In addition, the concepts of environmental protection and green consumption have been adopted by all walks of life It is advocated that the laser marking machine does not need to clean the nozzle and frequently replace the easy-to-wear items, which will be more environmentally friendly than using ink, and can greatly save operating costs. Steps to adjust the laser marking focal length:.

1. Working table lifting: the rotating pulley is the medium that moves up and down. With a guide sleeve and nut rotating accessories, the angle can be adjusted through the rotary control switch on the working table, so as to realize the adjustment of the focal length. IC automatic laser printing In order to save trouble, some marking machines use electric lifts to reduce the workload. Although it is theoretically feasible, it is a waste from the marking machine industry, because although electric control is more labor-saving, But the control of focus is not very accurate, and the speed has the same effect as manual lifting, so it is just a waste, but it is also a commonly used method at present. 2. Lifting of the resonant cavity: Use the shape of the two reflectors inside the resonant cavity of the marking machine and their relative positions to reflect the light source. The optical path reflection of the resonant cavity is also divided into concave cavity and convex cavity, no matter which one All of these resonators are used for beam lifting and focusing of laser marking machines. Since the focal length is related to the performance and quality of the laser engraving and marking process, generally it will not be changed casually. Therefore, before operation, you must be familiar with the operation steps and working principle of the laser marking machine.

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