Unable to find the solution that the dongle software will work in demo mode


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

"Could not find dongle software will work in demo mode""The laser marking machine cannot find the dongle"I believe that many people have encountered this problem. How did this problem cause it? Why does this problem occur? Let’s continue to look at the solution after this problem occurs. The cause of this problem is that the laser marking machine is not connected to our industrial control computer, that is, the laser marking machine software is offline. The reason will definitely not suddenly become like this. We can items to troubleshoot problems and find solutions. 1. If the vertical line connecting the marking machine is loose or damaged, we can re-plug the USB data cable behind the marking machine, which is the interface of our ordinary home printer, and the square interface data cable, and then plug our The USB interface on the computer is also re-plugged, and then re-enter the laser marking machine software to solve the problem. 2. The power supply of the control card is abnormal. This problem is caused by the damage of the 5V 3A power supply of our marking machine. We can use a multimeter to test whether the output voltage is 5V 3A by using the positive and negative electrodes of this 5V 3A power supply. If not It proves that this power supply is damaged, we only need to replace this power supply. 3. The laser control card is damaged. This problem is relatively common. There are many pirated control cards on the market, and they will also be damaged after several months of use. We can rule out whether the USB interface is damaged, and then rule out whether the power supply is damaged, and then check whether the light of the control card is on. If it is damaged, we suggest replacing the control card. 4. The software and drivers of the laser marking machine are damaged. In many cases, the industrial control computer of our marking machine may have reinstalled the system or updated other drivers or replaced the software, causing the laser marking machine to fail to connect to the computer. , At this time, we only need to replace our corresponding driver and corresponding software to solve the problem. The above-mentioned solutions and problems of not being able to find the dongle software will work in the demonstration mode are analyzed for you. The problems that the marking machine cannot connect to the computer are basically the same. This principle is actually to connect our industrial control computer to the computer. On the control card of the marking machine, then connect our laser data and galvanometer data to our control card. If the control card is abnormal, it will also cause abnormal movement of our laser and galvanometer. When using the laser control card, we must use the genuine laser control card, so as to ensure that we will not have bigger problems in our daily work and will not affect our work process and progress.

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