Perfect and precise positioning of CCD vision laser marking machine


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

The CCD visual laser marking machine perfectly and accurately positions the CCD visual laser marking machine, using the principle of visual positioning, first formulate a template for the product, save it as a standard template, take a photo of the product during laser marking, and compare the position with the template by the computer Positioning, after adjustment, the product can be precisely processed, and the product can be accurately marked as long as it is within the laser processing range of the laser marking machine; the processed product can be placed at will, even if the position is different every time, The position of laser marking is also precisely positioned. Whether the shape of the product is round, square, or irregular, the CCD vision laser marking machine can perfectly identify and accurately locate; What are the characteristics of the CCD vision laser marking machine? 1. It can be automatically marked with one button, linking laser and vision ;2, one-key calibration, suitable for high-precision products, to calibrate the vision system; 3, automatic positioning mode, only need to draw the border, you can realize the automatic positioning function, single or multiple products marking; 4, marking The content of the label can be fixed or changed (support communication access, ASCII conversion, binary and hexadecimal and other modes) 5, communication support: IO, TCP/IP, RS232, RS485 and other protocols 6, multi-template product processing, easy to switch between different product. Image file following mode; 7. The camera has a large imaging field of view, suitable for marking any flat product; 8. The product can be at any angle and quantity, and the camera can automatically identify the product and laser mark it; 9. It can be used with optical fibers, CO2, semiconductors, etc. Wavelength laser light path integration; 10. Large-format products can be spliced ​​and marked through electric platform control; 11. Small footprint, the existing laser installation space can be upgraded; 12. XYZ three-dimensional electric axes can be added according to actual product characteristics, Realize fully automatic visual positioning laser marking; CCD visual laser marking machine is especially suitable for the problems of difficult material supply, poor positioning and slow speed caused by the design and manufacture of fixtures in batch irregular marking, which can save positioning trays and fixing fixtures And other complex processes, can be loaded at will, precise positioning, precise marking, which greatly saves the time of laser marking processing and improves production efficiency.

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