Advantages of CCD visual positioning laser marking machine


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With the continuous innovation and development of science and technology, and the continuous increase of labor costs, more and more manufacturing industries have begun to mechanize production, and automation equipment has replaced labor. The long-term development of an enterprise must be inseparable from the production needs of low cost and high efficiency. The supporting equipment of the marking machine has also emerged as the times require. Because of its advantages of no consumables, no pollution, fast speed, high stability, high precision, long life, and permanence, laser marking machines have gradually replaced traditional silk screen and inkjet technology. More and more companies and more and more industries have adopted laser marking machines, making the market share of laser marking machines continue to increase. It can be said that the development is in full swing. For more information, please refer to the 8 major laser marking machines advantage. Today we will first learn about one of the automatic laser marking machine supporting systems, that is, the perfect combination of marking machine and CCD visual positioning, so the CCD visual positioning laser marking machine came out.

Advantages of CCD vision positioning laser marking machine CCD vision system can be built on fiber laser marking machine, ultraviolet laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine equipment, and can cooperate with assembly line, vibration plate, XY axis platform automation equipment Completely replace labor, realize unmanned production, solve management troubles, reduce management burden, and at the same time save labor by up to 50—70%. The product quality and production efficiency are greatly improved, and the profit maximization is brought to the merchants. CCD visual positioning laser marking machine is widely used in industries, suitable for occasions with heavy workload, difficult feeding and positioning, diversity and complexity of workpieces, such as IC, small screws, jewelry, capacitors, cards, etc. CCD visual positioning laser marking machine has 24 The continuous working capacity can meet the requirements of industrialized large-scale online production; so if your products are diverse, complex and small and irregular and require automatic laser marking, then the CCD vision positioning system will be your best choice .

Aiming at problems such as difficult material supply, poor positioning, and slow speed caused by difficulties in the design and manufacture of fixtures in batch irregular marking, CCD vision automatic positioning marking is solved by using an external camera to capture feature points in real time.

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