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The integration of laser engraving machine marking machine and automation and industrial camera with CCD vision positioning system achieves high precision in product marking, minimizes errors and deviations to achieve some high-demand product requirements. In terms of the power of the laser engraving machine marking machine, the appropriate laser power and the brand and characteristics of the laser are generally selected according to the requirements of the customer's products, which can save costs and improve production efficiency for customers as much as possible. Laser marking machine visual positioning system features: ★, one-key automatic calibration, linking laser and visual coordinates ★, one-key distortion correction, suitable for high-precision occasions, correcting the visual lens ★, self-adaptive automatic positioning mode, only Need a picture frame to realize automatic positioning function, single and multiple product marking, marking information can be fixed and changeable, support communication access, ascii conversion, binary and hexadecimal and other modes, communication support: io, tcp/ Protocols such as ip, rs232, rs485, etc. ★, multi-template product management, easy to switch between different products.

Graphics follow mode. ★, the camera has a large imaging field of view, suitable for marking any flat product; ★, any angle of the product, any number, the camera automatically identifies the product marking; ★, can be integrated with laser light paths of various wavelengths such as optical fiber, co2, semiconductor, etc.; ★ 、Through the control of the guide rail, the splicing and marking of large-format products can be realized; ★, Small space occupation, does not occupy any space on the working platform, and the existing laser installation space can be upgraded; ★, The xyz axis can be added according to the actual product characteristics, to achieve full Automatic visual positioning marking; visual marking machine parameters: support laser type fiber optic, ultraviolet, green light, co2 optional speed 7000mm/s laser type uv/fiber/c02 laser wavelength 355mm/1064mm/10640mm positioning system ccd visual positioning accuracy±0.02mm Positioning response time 200ms Working power supply ac220v 50hz/60hz Operating environment 35%-80%rh Camera system single ccd camera positioning / dual ccd camera positioning / coaxial ccd camera positioning Equipment size 800x700x1500mm.

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