Mobile phone laser marking machine maintenance tutorial


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

With the rapid development of mobile phones, the number of smart phones has increased several times. Some traditional places that are not easy to mark, such as mobile phone glass, fingerprint module, camera module, 3D glass back cover, etc. , you can get a good marking effect by using a mobile phone laser marking machine. Shenzhen Simeda Electronics Co., Ltd. is a technology-based enterprise that designs and produces high-stability and easy-to-use equipment. The editor is here to introduce you to the cleaning process of the marking machine. Lens cleaning: There are 3 mirrors and 1 focusing mirror on the marking machine. The laser light is reflected and focused by these lenses, and then emitted from the laser head. As a result, the lens is susceptible to dust or other contaminants, causing loss of laser light or damage to the lens. During the cleaning process, the No. 1 and No. 2 lenses do not need to be removed for cleaning. Just wipe the lens wipe moistened with cleaning fluid carefully from the center to the edge, being sure to work from the center to the edge. This step can effectively avoid the introduction of other pollutants. The No. 3 lens and the focus lens need to be removed from the frame, wiped in the same way, and then put back in place after wiping. Cleaning of the fan: After the fan is used for a long time, a large amount of dust will accumulate inside the fan, and it will make a lot of noise during operation, which is not conducive to exhaust and deodorization. When the suction power of the mobile phone laser marking machine fan is insufficient or the smoke exhaust is not smooth, the fan should be cleaned. First, turn off the power, remove the air inlet and outlet pipes on the fan, remove the dust inside, then turn the fan upside down, pull the blades to the inside to clean, and then install the fan. Finally, after cleaning, it is recommended to check the optical path. Although there is no deviation under normal circumstances, it is best to check whether the optical path is normal before each operation.

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