CO2 laser marking machine adjustment and laser marking machine red light preview


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The red light preview of the marking machine is a very important function of the marking machine. It has many functions. Let's take a look at how to use the red light preview of the laser marking ending and what are the specific functions. let's figure it out together. How to open the red light preview of the laser marking machine? The method of opening can be by pressing F1 on the keyboard, or by clicking the red light preview button at the bottom of the software. In this way, the red light preview of the laser marking machine can be turned on. The function of the red light preview of the laser marking machine is that it is actually a preview of the icon on the workpiece to be marked as the name suggests. It can locate the position of the tool and the size of the icon printed on the workpiece. For the red light size setting of the laser marking machine, we can first make a square on the workpiece, for example, this square is 30×30mm, then do not move the workpiece, open the parameter setting, and then find other parameters in the parameter setting window. , and then tap the red light preview. Here we can adjust the speed of Hongguang, as well as the cheap position, the Y offset position, and the scale of the size. According to this step we make adjustments and click OK. Then turn on the red light preview again to see how big the deviation of our size is, and we will carry out the previous step and adjust it gradually. Know that the squares played out coincide. We talked about the red light preview problem of the fiber laser marking machine above. Let’s take a look at the red light preview setting of the carbon dioxide laser marking machine. 2. The method of adjusting the red light of the CO2 laser marking machine is as follows: (1) The position where the red light increases is after the laser emits light, that is, before the beam expander. (2) Ensuring that the beam expander for red light passes through the field lens, and the light spot reaching the focal plane behind the field lens is small, which is a good effect. (3) Adjust the position of the red light of the carbon dioxide laser marking machine so that the red light can reach the focus of the X-vibrating lens of the galvanometer of the marking head, and then fix the red light. (4) Recalibrate the laser and beam expander. (5) Correct the red light of the carbon dioxide laser marking machine and the content of step 3. The knowledge of red light preview of laser marking machine shared with you above, I hope it can help you.

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