Reasons and solutions for deformation of co2 laser marking machine


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

Solutions and reasons for the deformation of the co2 laser marking machine: 1. When laser marking the drawing, the drawing itself is not done well and can be readjusted. 2. Improper adjustment of equipment parameters, readjustment of pillow swelling and horizontal straightness in deformation correction. 3. Improper adjustment of the ammeter of the equipment. Re-debugging. 4. If there is a problem with the marking software or system of the marking machine, the marking software or system needs to be relocated. 5. If the vibrating mirror is broken, replace the vibrating mirror and test. 6. For the optical path problem of the laser marking machine, it is necessary to check whether the nitrogen lamp is aging. The aging of the nitrogen lamp will directly lead to a decrease in the output power of the laser. Due to the long marking time of the laser system in the production process, its dielectric diaphragm is prone to appear Stains cause light leakage from the total reflection mirror, which will lead to a decrease in output power. In the actual production process, without knowing the specific conditions of the laser machine, the problem is solved by adjusting the position of the resonant cavity and the dielectric diaphragm, which will lead to The laser output power decreases and the divergence angle of the laser becomes larger, resulting in a very large change in the output position of the laser beam. 7. To adjust the beam expander, it is necessary to adjust the incident light to the center of the light inlet hole of the beam expander, and the exit light also needs to be adjusted to the center of the light exit hole. The adjustment effect of the incident light and exit light of the beam expander is benchmarked The quality of the engraving has a very large impact, mainly as follows: the laser power is reduced, the intensity distribution of the laser is uneven, the center of the software design is misaligned with the physical center of the light emitted by the vibrating lens and cannot be consistent, and the effect of beam expansion cannot be achieved. 8. When the laser is marking, the laser spot flickers. It is necessary to check whether the resonant cavity and the diaphragm frame are fixed, the light collecting cavity is fixed, and the YAG crystal is fixed tightly. 9. Problems when using software to call PLT files: You must use a fixed ratio to adjust the graphic size, as well as zoom in and out, so as not to cause distortion of the designed graphics during marking.

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