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Zhuhai plastic laser marking machine manufacturers, co2 laser marking machine equipment manufacturers, as people gradually deepen their understanding of co2 laser marking machine technology, in the development of laser manufacturing technology, the manufacturer's research and development team is also gradually expanding. Plastic laser marking machine equipment has been fully applied in production and processing. CO2 laser marking machine manufacturing technology mainly adopts the idea of ​​layered manufacturing. In fact, this idea has existed since ancient times, such as houses, dams, etc. Buildings are all manufactured in layers, but it becomes a forming manufacturing technology, and an automated process to manufacture parts is the result of the development and integration of computer technology, laser technology, material and mechanical science, with distinctive characteristics of the times. Therefore, it is possible to produce forming technology in today's highly developed computer technology and numerical control technology.

CO2 laser marking machine technology realizes the curved surface or solid shape of parts, and can perform accurate discrete calculations and complex data conversion; while the development of material science has laid a solid foundation for forming technology, and every progress in material technology is important. It will bring new development opportunities to manufacturing technology. The material transfer form in the current manufacturing technology of the CO2 laser marking machine can be a 2.8-dimensional layer, that is, a layer with a straight wall on the side wall. At present, there is also a process of forming a solid body from a 3-dimensional layer in the customization of laser marking machines.

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