The principle and characteristics of CO2 laser marking machine


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CO2 laser marking machine principle and characteristics CO2 laser marking machine principle CO2 series laser marking machine adopts coherent or cutting-edge CO2 laser imported from the United States, equipped with a high-speed galvanometer scanning system, the laser beam passes through beam expansion, galvanometer, focusing, and finally through Control the deflection of the galvanometer to achieve high-performance marking. Features of CO2 laser marking machine 1. Fast engraving speed, stable performance, wide range of applicable materials, and can mark most non-metallic materials. 2. Ergonomic desktop design makes the operation more convenient and comfortable, and effectively improves work efficiency.

3. Small size, easy installation, suitable for various office spaces, and can be used together with automatic production lines, household appliances, ready to use. 4. Environmental protection, no pollution, no consumables, engraved patterns or characters are permanent. 5. The marking software has powerful functions, user-friendly operation interface, and can be easily mastered with zero computer foundation.

6. Long service life, maintenance-free, can work continuously for 24 hours, the power of the whole machine is small, and the cost of use is reduced. CO2 laser marking machine scope of application: CO2 non-metallic laser marking machine is used for instrumentation, spectacle lenses, pharmaceutical packaging, food packaging, electronic components, clothing leather fabric processing, acrylic handicrafts, wood and bamboo craft area engraving, hollowing out, etc. Widely used in the industry. List of technical parameters: co2 laser marking machine and fiber laser marking machine are the mainstream laser marking machines in the current market. If you want to know which type of marking machine is suitable for you, you can refer to CO2 laser marking machine and optical fiber laser marking machine How to choose a laser marking machine for reference.

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