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Co2 laser marking machine is what we often call carbon dioxide laser marking machine. In fact, it is not much different from fiber laser printer in use. But the first trial use needs to be set up. Let's take a brief look at the tutorial of co2 carbon dioxide laser marking machine. First, we enter the laser marking machine software and click F3 on the keyboard. Or click directly on the parameters below the software. In this way, we enter the parameter configuration interface. Set our area size in area settings. This size is our common size. Then click the laser control at the top. Choose from our co2 laser types. Then find the start marking port in the port, and select our foot switch port. This stall is from 0~15. It is provided by our laser marking machine manufacturer. If not, it can be ignored. Then click Save. Then click the wrench and screwdriver icons on the top of the software to enter the system parameters. Find a workspace. Here we can see the size, which is the size of our working range. If our working range is 110, fill in 110 here. Then the calculation method of X and Y in the lower left corner is 110÷2. Then add negative numbers. At this time, fill in X=-55Y=-55. This completes the setup of the co2 laser marking machine. The co2 laser marking machine tutorial, its software is exactly the same as that of the fiber laser marking machine. There are also working drawing icons, which can draw circles and rectangles. Draw polygons. Text can also be drawn. We mainly use the drawing text tool. The drawing text tool is this one, the icon of FI. After clicking this icon, click in the working area, and the default will appear. The default Text will appear. Then we change this txt in the text box on the left. Change it to the alphanumeric we want. Above we can change our font. After each change, you must click Apply to take effect. The size of the text corresponds to the size we actually type. For example, our size is X15Y15. The printed size also corresponds to this size. After each step of operation, you must click Apply to take effect. If we need to import vector graphics or bitmaps. Just click the file button on the upper left of the software, and there are input vector files and bitmap files in it. Let's add the files we need as needed. If it is a picture, we have a fixed dpi. We change this dpi to 300~500. The bigger the change, the clearer the printed picture. But the relative speed will be slower. Check Invert Grayscale below. Check the dot mode. Mode changed to 0.3. This way you can wait for the picture to be clear. Then there is parameter setting. We adjust the speed power and frequency according to actual needs. The higher the speed value, the faster the marking speed will be. But the effect of playing is relatively poor. The power here is calculated as a percentage. Using the two together will achieve better results. The above is the usage tutorial of the co2 carbon dioxide laser marking machine we introduced to you. This is just a preliminary tutorial, there are more detailed tutorials, you can see other content on our official website.

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