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Laser marking machine is a kind of laser beam to evaporate the surface of the material, so as to print out permanent marks, such as exquisite patterns, trademarks, text, etc., widely used in electronic components, tool accessories, exquisite machinery, building materials and other industrial fields , The laser marking machine reminds you that some failures will also occur when using the laser marking machine for a long time. The following is a summary of some common troubleshooting methods for the marking machine:. Method of exclusion:. The main reason is that the control panel and the network cable are loose, the main board and the grounding wire are unreliable, and a slight high-voltage ignition fault is caused.

cause of issue:. During the process of processing, it suddenly reset automatically, and the machine returned to the mechanical origin, and there were pauses, missed engravings, and chaotic engravings in the middle. 1. Check whether the laser tube or laser power supply is sparking.

2. If there is no problem with the output of graphics in other formats, it means that the graphics are wrong, and the graphics need to be re-exported or re-made. 3. If you use Wentai output, check whether the path calculation is normal, re-register the laser marking machine or install Wentai, sometimes you need to reinstall the system. 4. Check whether there are any errors in the original graphics, such as graphics with intersections, unclosed, missing strokes, etc., correct the errors in the graphics, and test in the output.

5. Whether the new Yueming software is set“Disable output”Or the parameters such as engraving method are not set. 6. Check whether the computer has a screen saver or power-saving mode (such as system hibernation or closed hard disk, etc.), cancel the above settings, and change to“never”. 7. Whether there is strong electric and strong magnetic interference at the location of the machine.

8. Check whether the connecting network cable is loose or the buttons on the control panel are not in good contact. 9. Check the grounding status of the machine and measure whether the ground wire is up to standard (the ground resistance should not be greater than 5 ohms). The ground wire needs to be modified to meet the relevant standards. Laser marking machines are widely used in the industrial field. Laser beams are used to print patterns, patterns, specifications and other requirements on the material. The marking machine summarizes the working principles of some laser marking machines, which are only for reference of UV laser marking machines. :.

Under the control of the computer, the laser is discharged through the pulse, so as to output the controlled repetitive high-frequency pulse laser to form a beam with a certain frequency and a certain pulse width. On the surface of the object, tiny, high-energy-density light spots are formed, and the focal spots are located around the surface to be processed, melting or vaporizing the processed material at an instant high temperature. The high-energy laser pulse instantly sputters a small hole on the surface of the object. Under the control of the computer, the cutting head of the tube laser cutting machine and the material to be processed perform continuous relative movement according to the pre-drawn graphics, so that the object will be processed. To achieve the desired shape, the tube laser cutting machine is realized by applying the high power density energy generated after laser focusing. For the cutting of carbon steel below 8mm and stainless steel below 4mm, I recommend Wuhan high-energy metal laser cutting machine, which has high cutting precision and fast speed. Small, because this kind of laser cutting equipment is not easily deformed, and the cutting seam is very smooth and beautiful, there is no need for post-processing at all.

The laser marking machine is a technical product. The technical level is very important in life and production. The vast resources are abundant and talents come out in large numbers. There is no shortage of talents, and it also makes a great contribution to the development of marking machines. The overall level of manufacturers The language remains in the middle and lower reaches. The reason for this is the lack of attention to industry and the limitations of the enterprise itself. General industrialization relies on the development of collective groups, gathering many enterprises in one place, which is not only conducive to the transportation of products, but also promotes the development of products through competition among enterprises. The current development situation cannot meet the requirements. The sales of marking machines are indeed not a small number, and many manufacturers are aiming at them, so within a period of time, there will be a scene of contention among a hundred schools of thought on laser marking opportunities. Zhuhai Correct Pack is a well-known laser equipment manufacturer in China. It has been focusing on the development and production of laser equipment for 12 years, providing customers with a complete set of laser equipment solutions, and creating cost-effective laser equipment. Main business: UV, co2, fiber laser marking machines, laser radium engraving machines And other cost-effective laser equipment, national service hotline: 400-0098-266

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