Correct Pac about the daily maintenance and maintenance of laser marking machines


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Laser marking machine is a professional laser marking equipment integrating optical machinery and electric power, it is very popular in production and manufacturing as well as DIY personalization. With the continuous expansion of market demand, laser marking machines are used more and more widely in various industries, because their prices are relatively low, and their maintenance has also received attention. Fiber laser marking machine After a period of use, the laser marking machine is easily damaged if you do not pay attention to daily maintenance. Therefore, we should maintain it regularly.

Routine maintenance: Check if the lens is dirty and wipe it with lens paper. Check whether the focal length is within the standard focal length range to test the best state of the laser. Check whether the parameter setting screen on the laser is normal.

Make sure the switch is working properly Press the switch to check if the laser is working properly. Is the machine turned on normally? The main switch of the machine is the laser control switch. The laser bidding system switch is turned on normally. Clean the dust and pollution inside the equipment, and use vacuum cleaner alcohol and dust-free cloth to remove dust, dirt and foreign objects. Keep the machine clean by cleaning the surface and interior of the machine.

Check whether the laser outlet is normal, open the software for laser test. To clean the laser field mirror, use special mirror paper dipped in alcohol, wipe it in one direction, and then wipe it with dry mirror paper. Check whether the red light preview can normally open the laser parameters, and open the software red light correction within the set range.

Check whether the red light preview light path is deflected to correct the red light. Check if the laser emitted by the laser is weakened. Check whether the elevator guide rail is loose, whether there is abnormal noise oil, and add lubricating oil after cleaning with a dust-free cloth.

Check whether the power plug and connector are loose, check the contact position of each connector, and whether there is a good contact. Remove the dust from the laser outlet to ensure normal heat dissipation.. Clean the dust, waste nodes and other foreign objects inside the device Use vacuum cleaner alcohol and a lint-free cloth to remove dust, dirt and foreign objects. Check whether the laser cooling fan rotates normally to remove dust from the laser power supply and control board.

Check whether the movement shaft is loose, and add lubricating oil after cleaning with a dust-free cloth. Use precautions. Protect from electric shock and wet hands.

Please wear protective glasses when working, so as not to damage the eyes due to strong light stimulation. Without the permission of the equipment technician, the specific system parameters are not allowed to be changed arbitrarily. Do not place your hands within the laser scanning range. When the machine is not operating properly, immediately press the power-off phenomenon.

During the operation of the laser marking machine, the head and hands should not be inserted into the machine to avoid personal injury. The maintenance process of the laser marking machine must be carried out by non-professionals to avoid unnecessary losses or personal injuries.

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