Vulnerable places and operation of laser marking machines


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It is mainly due to the defects of its matrix material quartz glass itself and the presence of metal transition impurities, which affect the optical phenomena generated during the transmission of light, which are usually divided into scattering loss, absorption loss and dispersion loss. The following three points explain how to reduce the above loss. One, absorb consumption. The loss in this aspect is caused by the metal impurities in the fiber core and the absorption of light by OH. The focus is on the absorption of infrared and ultraviolet spectra.

Second, dispersion consumption. Dispersion is also a major factor in the loss of the fiber laser marking machine laser. It is mainly caused by waveguide dispersion, material dispersion, and intermodal dispersion. The losses caused by these three aspects are not the same. Three, scattering consumption.

Scattering is a phenomenon in which the density of atoms in various materials for marking is different, resulting in different degrees of fluctuation, and then rapid condensation causes uneven density. The damage of the fiber laser marking machine mainly comes from the above aspects. When you operate the fiber laser marking machine, you should pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of the above aspects. The laser marking machine has a great effect on the performance of the whole machine. Great benefit, Laser is a laser automation equipment manufacturer integrating R&D, design and production. The products include semiconductor laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine, pneumatic marking machine, laser cutting machine, non-standard Automation equipment, etc. 1. People who use cardiac pacemakers should not be close to the equipment. The laser marking machine will generate a magnetic field during operation, which will affect the normal operation of the pacemaker. Do not stare at or touch the beam (whether you use protective glasses or not), and do not use glasses or other parts of the body. Contact with the laser output or diffuse reflection laser output by the device, otherwise it may cause blindness or burns.

2. Keep the environment around the equipment dry. When the equipment is not working, turn off the power and operate the equipment with one hand as much as possible. 3. During the normal operation of the laser, no parts or items shall be added inside the marking machine, and the marking system shall not be used when the sealing cover is opened. 4. Do not place liquid containers on the case, and prohibit any water source from approaching.

5. It is forbidden to pile up flammable and explosive materials and sundries around the machine, and it is not allowed to place flammable and explosive materials on the optical path of the UV laser marking machine or where the laser beam may be irradiated. 6. It is forbidden for non-professionals to disassemble, repair and modify the equipment by themselves, and non-operators are not allowed to enter the marking work area. 7. Do not damage the power cord and cable, and immediately turn off the power and stop the operation if you smell the peculiar smell.

8. Once the machine catches fire or explodes, be sure to cut off all power supplies, and use carbon dioxide or dry powder fire extinguishers to extinguish the fire. Performance characteristics of fiber laser marking machine:. 1. It adopts an integrated overall structure, equipped with an automatic focusing system, and the operation process is humanized.

2. Use the original imported isolator to protect the fiber laser window to enhance stability and laser life. 3. No need for any maintenance, long service life, small size, suitable for working in harsh environments, and fast processing speed, which is 2-3 times that of traditional marking machines. 4. The electro-optical conversion efficiency is high, and the power consumption of the whole machine is less than 500W, which is 1/10 of the lamp-pumped solid-state laser marking machine, which greatly saves energy consumption.

5. The beam quality is much better than the traditional solid-state laser marking machine. It is a basic mode output IC automatic laser marking machine. The diameter of the focused spot is less than 20um, and the divergence angle is 1/4 of that of a semiconductor pump laser, especially suitable for fine , precision marking. Performance characteristics of CO2 laser marking machine:. 1. High marking precision, fast speed, free control of engraving depth, clear marking, not easy to wear, high engraving and cutting efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving.

2. The laser power is high, which can be applied to engraving and cutting of various non-metallic products. 3. No consumables, low processing cost - the operating life of the laser is as high as 20,000-30,000 hours. 4. Use the 10.64um laser beam to expand, focus, and finally control the deflection of the vibrating mirror to act on the surface of the workpiece according to the predetermined trajectory, so that the working surface is vaporized to achieve the marking effect.

5. Good beam mode, stable system performance, maintenance-free, suitable for industrial processing sites with large batches, multiple varieties, high speed, and high-precision continuous production. 6. The most advanced optical path optimization design and unique graphic path optimization technology, coupled with the unique super pulse function of the laser, make the cutting speed faster. Zhuhai Correct Pack is a well-known laser equipment manufacturer in China. It has been focusing on the development and production of laser equipment for 12 years, providing customers with a complete set of laser equipment solutions, and creating cost-effective laser equipment. Main business: UV, co2, fiber laser marking machines, laser radium engraving machines And other cost-effective laser equipment, national service hotline: 400-0098-266

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