Application analysis of fiber laser laser engraving machine


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

First of all, you must know that the fiber laser laser engraving machine can draw patterns and texts through computer control, and then print the patterns and texts you drew on the product. Can you type text and patterns on all production lines? No, laser engraving machines are all computer-controlled, but not all products are suitable for printing patterns and text, which is the so-called effect. Therefore, we need to know that the metal material of the fiber laser laser engraving machine can print patterns and characters, and some plastics are also acceptable. If you want to talk about the effect, it may be more obvious to use a UV laser engraving machine on plastic. The fiber laser laser engraving machine is used in metal, and there are many metal products, so it is widely used. It can be seen that individual entrepreneurship is aimed at the personalization of others, and companies add labels, brand logos, production dates, and various product parameters to products. Some people might think that an inkjet printer can do it, or even a label pen. Why is it not cost-effective to use products that are several times or ten times higher than these products. But why are there so many manufacturers and individuals using it? Because the fiber laser engraving machine has its advantages. First of all, consumables are free, and theoretically 100,000 hours of maintenance-free. In terms of later costs, fiber laser laser engraving machines are better than inkjet printers. Fiber laser laser engraving machine marking is a physical and chemical reaction with the product, which is different from inkjet printers. The physical reaction of the printer to normal marking. Physical or chemical reactions mean that it is difficult to erase, and the fineness and aesthetics cannot be compared with many products. The fiber laser laser engraving machine can be designed by computer, and then realize marking, with an accuracy of micron level, which is different from ordinary marking accuracy of millimeter level. According to the analysis, high-precision fiber laser engraving machines, permanent marking fiber laser engraving machines, fiber laser engraving machines with anti-counterfeiting capabilities and difficult-to-mark fiber laser engraving machines should be used for products.

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