What is the difference between 20w30w50w fiber laser marking machine? How should I choose


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What is the difference between 20w30w50w fiber laser marking machine? Which one should I choose? This is a common question that is often asked by users. If you also have such questions, please read the following content carefully. I believe it will make you less confused and find the answer you want. In fact, there is no big difference between 20w/30w/50w fiber laser marking machines. Literally, we will know that the power of the laser is different, but the question we are most concerned about is how to choose and how much power to choose. What is the most suitable? There is not much difference between 20w and 30w fiber laser marking machines. If the marking range of your product is small and there are some marks on the surface, then 20w is enough for the application. For those with a little depth, or for those who often mark aluminum products , then it is recommended to choose a 30w fiber laser marking machine. The 50w fiber laser marking machine is more suitable for engraving in pursuit of deep processing requirements, such as engraving a depth of 1-2mm on a stainless steel plate, and the subsequent process of adding oil. At this time, we will recommend you to use a 50W fiber laser marking machine, except In addition, if the processing range exceeds 150*150MM, and the depth also has certain requirements, it is also recommended that you directly purchase 50W, why is this? Because the only consumable of the fiber laser marking machine is the laser power attenuation, and when the processing range is too large and requires a little depth, if you use 20w or 30w fiber laser marking, the laser will appear weak and the light is not strong. The operation and processing efficiency has not been improved. Such processing for a long time is not good for the laser, which will speed up the loss of the laser and reduce the service life. Therefore, a 50W fiber laser marking machine is strongly recommended in this case.

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