Can Fiber Laser Marking Machine Make Glass?


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

Everyone knows that the price of fiber laser marking machine is excellent and the quality is good. Now the price of fiber laser printer is also the price of cabbage. Fiber laser discount machine can also process many materials, such as our metal materials and some non-metal materials. Some netizens Ask whether the fiber laser marking machine can be used to mark glass materials. Let's explain this question to everyone. The laser used in the fiber laser marking machine is a fiber laser. The laser wavelength of the laser marking machine is 1064 nanometers. Since the glass is a transparent material, it cannot reflect the 1064 nanometer laser, so it can also be worn directly. Glass is transparent, so we can imagine that fiber laser marking machines cannot mark on glass materials. The fiber laser marking machine mainly has a particularly good absorption effect on metal materials, such as our gold, silver, iron, aluminum and copper, as well as various alloys, and some non-metallic materials. The most common is our plastic material, such as our common PVC PP. These materials are well adapted to fiber laser marking machines. So what kind of laser marking machine can mark glass? In fact, our common laser marking machines, such as carbon dioxide laser marking machines, and laser marking machines can also mark on the glass surface, but the characteristics of the wavelength band of the fiber laser glue carrier machine can mark on the glass surface. Marking is not very effective, it can cause the glass surface to melt. At this time, we generally choose to use UV laser marking machine. The wavelength band of UV laser marking machine is 533 nanometers, and the UV band can hardly penetrate the glass. So it can be well engraved on the glass surface. And it won't damage the glass surface, it won't melt, and it won't crack. After our above analysis, the fiber laser marking machine can not mark the glass, the carbon dioxide laser marking machine can easily mark the glass surface, but the effect is not very ideal, so if we want to carry out laser marking on the glass surface, we usually use It is recommended that you use a UV laser marking machine. In addition, I hope that the discount machine can also turn glass into frosted glass, and can also do fine marking, including some of our precious metals, and some chips can achieve very good high-precision marking. The above introduces some questions about whether the fiber optic machine can make glass and our company's insights. Hope it can help you solve related problems.

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