Can the fiber laser marking machine print plastic pvc and pp materials


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

The fiber laser marking machine is actually harmless to plastics, because its power is not a particularly high parameter. As long as the staff is properly adjusted, he will only evaporate the surface of the plastic layer by layer, and will not damage the quality of the plastic itself. However, some easily damaged plastics have poor tolerances, so fiber laser marking machines are still a bit unsuitable if conditions permit. Marking excitation with a CO2 laser is still possible, but in general, ok. If you want to find out which plastics can be marked with a fiber laser marking machine, you may need to repeat the experiment, but it is generally possible. Just try a few times, and adjust the power, standard speed, and frequency to the most appropriate position, so that if there are obvious parameters, the success rate will be higher, so don't worry. This thing is a very patient test, or you can find a professional to help you adjust the appropriate parameters. There is another question that may confuse you. That is to say, when marking plastic in a fiber laser marking machine, can the standard marks and logos be erased, but generally speaking, they cannot be erased, because laser marking is semi-permanent, unless directly Paint the first side, otherwise it will be difficult to remove. In addition, the goods marked in the fiber laser marking machine are the color and original material of the goods. If it is stainless steel and iron metal materials, parameters need to be compared. In short, the fiber laser marking machine can meet the standard of plastic. As long as the parameters and configuration are adjusted, the plastic will generally not be damaged. Secondly, we can also mark various types of materials on the fiber laser marking machine, and the efficiency and quality are very satisfactory to many manufacturers.

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