Composition structure and price of fiber laser marking machine


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Due to its wide application, fast marking speed, no consumables, no pollution, permanent marking and long service life (machine maintenance is required, please refer to the maintenance method of fiber laser marking machine for specific methods) and other advantages And it is widely used in the market. With the continuous maturity of fiber laser marking machine technology, the price of laser marking machine is getting lower and lower, gradually becoming the dominant position in the future, and becoming more and more popular, so the price problem has always been a problem. The focus of most people's attention. The price of fiber laser marking machine To understand the price of fiber laser marking machine, we have to analyze the composition and structure of fiber laser marking machine to judge whether the price of fiber laser marking machine is low or high. A laser marking machine consists of: laser, optical galvanometer, marking card, galvanometer, red light, beam expander, laser power supply, marking card power supply, fiber optic marking machine cabinet and other accessory modules.

Among these accessories, the fiber laser is the core component, and it is also the component with the largest price difference. The structure of the fiber laser marking machine 1. The fiber optic cabinet is also called the laser marking machine cabinet and the laser control cabinet. If a laser marking machine is compared to a house, then the cabinet is the structure of the house, and all other accessories are installed in the house.

At present, the price of the cabinet is obviously different according to the difference in sheet metal thickness and stability, and the difference between good and bad can be thousands of yuan. 2. Galvanometer and field mirror The galvanometer is the core component to control the change of the optical path, and the field mirror is an important component to control the laser marking format. The imported galvanometer is the Scanlab brand in Germany, and the price is tens of thousands of yuan. The price of the domestic galvanometer ranges from 2,000 to 5,000. Be sure to know the specific configuration brand and model of the fiber laser marking machine you bought.

3. Industrial computer, display Industrial computer and display are our commonly used PCs. The area lies in connecting with optical signals and electrical signals in series to control the entire software part. s price. 4. Laser The laser is the core device of the fiber laser marking machine. The high-quality laser has a long service life, good marking quality and fast marking speed. The current domestic price difference of the laser price is about 1K.

5. Marking card The marking card is one of the core components of the entire software control part. The process parameter setting and adjustment are all completed through the marking card, which is actually a set of software. The imported software is from Germany, and the domestic software generally uses golden oranges, but there are many pirated cards circulating in the market, so you must carefully screen when purchasing, this part also determines the price difference of fiber laser marking machines. Therefore, when you buy a fiber laser marking machine, the price and cost performance cannot be ignored.

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