Analysis of Disadvantages of Fiber Laser Marking Machine


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

We have read many articles about the advantages and characteristics of laser marking machines. Everyone knows that laser marking machines are an industrial product. Since there must be shortcomings, let’s analyze the shortcomings of fiber laser marking machines separately. 1. If you choose high-configuration equipment, it will definitely bring about a problem, that is, the cost problem, because the deployment cost of the entrance setting in the fiber laser marking machine is too high, and ordinary people cannot afford it. Of course, the deployment cost of domestic fiber laser marking equipment is much lower, but its quality is not satisfactory, and rework may take too long, so the cost problem has become the biggest disadvantage of fiber laser marking machines. 2. The fiber laser marking machine will mark the depth as you will be too deep, because the laser of the fiber laser marking machine is parallel light, so its focus is on the surface of the workpiece, and the more layers of the workpiece, the smaller the force , while the laser of the semiconductor laser marking machine is multi-angle and the focus is not strong, so it has the upper hand. 3. Domestic intellectual property law enforcement is not satisfactory. At present, this industry is equivalent to a dedicated fiber laser marking card. Many laser marking galvanometers are pirated, the price is very cheap, and the quality problem is serious. Many manufacturers have a series of laser marking departments using cards. The price through regular channels is 2,000 to 4,000 yuan. When you go to a pirate manufacturer to buy a pirated card, it may cost several hundred, and there are circuits, and the circuits of many manufacturers are not standardized. Of course, as a conscientious company, it will not use some low-quality pirated products. Correct Pack laser quality is strictly controlled, and pirated accessories will not be used.

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