What should I do if the fiber laser marking machine does not emit red light?


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

Every complete laser marking machine will have a set of red light indicators. As for the function of the red light indicator, please refer to What is the function of the red light adjustment of the laser marking machine, but the operator occasionally encounters no The red light shows that only the laser light is emitted, how should we solve it at this time? What should I do if the fiber laser marking machine does not emit red light? If this happens, we can refer to the following steps to troubleshoot and solve it: 1. The optical path has moved, but the fiber laser marking machine equipment is not broken. Adjust it The light path is fine; 2. The red light switch can be turned on and off by pressing F1 on the keyboard or the red light button is turned on on the marking interface for operation, so check whether there is a mechanical switch to control the red light; 3. The red light If the thread is loose, readjust it; 4. Check if the power of the red light is turned on, and use a multimeter to measure whether there is 5V voltage between the two red and black bars of the red light indicator. If it is 5V voltage and there is no laser output, then it can It is certain that the red light indicator needs to be replaced; 5. The red line module may be broken, or the red light seat may be loose and misplaced, and the red line module may be broken. There are many reasons for this problem. If you still cannot troubleshoot or solve the problem through the above methods, you can directly contact your supplier. If it is within the warranty period, you can usually repair it for free. In addition, You can also directly contact Zhuhai Correct Pack marking machine manufacturer for after-sales solution.

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