Fiber laser marking machine operation steps and safety regulations


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Fiber laser marking machine operation steps and safety regulations description 1. Fiber laser marking machine operation steps 1. Turn on the main power switch button; 2. Turn the key switch on the laser marking machine cabinet to the left (left to open, right to off), press the red button and the green button in turn, and remove the laser lens cover; 3. Turn on the host computer of the laser marking machine, open the EZCAD2 software on the desktop, and then edit text or patterns; 4. Click in the software“red light”Command to calibrate and position the marking area; 5. Debug the marking of the laser marking machine“speed”,“power”Wait for the main parameter values ​​(common values: speed 500, power 70%), and finally click“marking”Command to debug the sample, fine-tune the main parameter values ​​according to the effect, and finally set the number of jobs and marking times; 6. Finally click“marking”Command or control by foot switch to complete mass production laser marking processing. 2. Explanation of safety rules for fiber laser marking machine 1. The laser of fiber laser marking machine is invisible light. If it directly touches the skin, it can cause severe burns to the skin. When the light is emitted, it is strictly forbidden to put all parts of the body into the light path to avoid burns.

 2. When the laser marking machine is turned on, no one can open the cover of the main box because of the high voltage inside the equipment. 3. When the laser is output, the operator should wear goggles, keep a certain distance from the lens of the laser marking machine, and must not touch the laser lens or extend the hand to the laser processing area. 4. Note that the fan of the main laser chassis should always be kept in a normal operating state. If any abnormality is found, it should be shut down and reported for inspection.

 5. When the laser marking machine is turned on, the operator is strictly prohibited from leaving without authorization, and all power must be cut off if necessary.   6. Pay attention to protect the laser lens from collision when loading and unloading workpieces and signs on the workbench. 7. The lens can only be cleaned with absorbent cotton dipped in absolute ethanol and gently wiped.

 8. Untrained personnel are not allowed to operate the machine without authorization. The correct pack editor above summarized the operation steps and safety regulations of the fiber laser marking machine. I hope that through the above learning, your fiber laser marking machine will have a longer service life.

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