Fiber laser marking machine patterning tutorial


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

Many people buy fiber laser marking machines to make patterns, but many people don't know that there are actually two types of pictures, one is vector graphics, and the other is bitmaps. Bitmaps are actually our common pictures. Our The mobile computer can be opened at will. Vector graphics need to be created with specialized software. Common vector graphics software include adobe illustrator, corel draw, inkscape, Xara Xtreme. Let's take a look at the tutorial together. Pattern (bitmap) of fiber laser marking machine: the format of bitmap is jpg, png, gif, etc. We open the laser marking machine software, click on the file in the upper left corner of the software, and then input the bitmap file, or use the shortcut key CTRL+W to import our bitmap. Modify the size we need in the object properties of the software, check the fixed DPI (the larger the value, the clearer, we recommend 400), then check the dots, check the grayscale, check the dot mode, and change it to 0.3. Then click Apply. Look at the right side of the software and change the speed to 800 and the power to 80. (Of course, the setting methods of different materials are different and need to be tested several times) Fiber laser marking machine pattern (vector diagram): the appropriate format is generally CDR, AI, WMF, EPS format, etc., we still open the laser marking Computer software, click the file in the upper left corner of the software, and then input the bitmap file, or use the shortcut key CTRL+B. Then we change the picture size normally, and then change the appropriate marking speed and power. The difference between bitmap marking and vector graphics marking of fiber laser marking machine: bitmap marking is slow and not clear enough, while vector graphics marking is fast and very clear. We recommend that you use vector graphics for marking. Comprehensive appeal, the fiber laser marking machine pattern tutorial can import vector graphics and bitmaps, and after adjusting the power and speed, we can print the pictures we want.

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