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Flying laser marking machine is a laser marking machine composed of an ordinary laser marking machine installed on a production line, vibrating plate or other automation equipment to achieve the synchronous movement of the laser galvanometer and the processed items, collectively referred to as a flying laser marking machine. Ordinary laser marking machines Commonly used laser marking machines can only perform dynamic marking on static products within a specific range. For some regular products, small items, and mass marking, the production efficiency of this single machine operation is extremely high. Therefore, the solution to these problems is to use the original production line or tailor-made laser automation equipment suitable for product shape characteristics, that is, flying laser marking machines, which not only solves the problem of slow speed and production efficiency Low problems can also save a lot of labor costs. The advantages of the flying laser marking machine: 1. It is required that the content of the marking mark should not be too complicated, otherwise, the marking speed will be reduced; 2. Directly cooperate with the assembly line to reduce manual operations and labor costs; 3. The flying laser marking machine performs Laser processing, the production efficiency is significantly improved; 4. The marking speed is fast, the production capacity is large, and the delivery time is accurate.

Applicable materials and industry applications of flying laser marking machine: online laser marking machine for pharmaceutical packaging boxes, flying laser marking for food packaging: milk packaging in pharmaceutical factories and food factories, etc. Electronic and electrical industry: IC laser marking, marking of safety capacitors, connectors, etc. Wine industry: various mineral water bottles, glass wine bottles flying laser marking.

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