Knowledge introduction of flying laser marking machine


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

I believe many people know that the flying laser marking machine has strong text editing and graphics processing functions, and can automatically generate batch numbers and serial numbers. In addition, its intelligent control interface can be flexibly connected with various automation equipment and sensors. In this regard, the editor of Shenzhen Simeda Electronics Co., Ltd. will discuss with you how the flying laser marking machine works. It is worth mentioning that the height of the main beam and the front and rear positions of the flying laser marking machine can be adjusted, the laser head can be rotated 180 degrees, and it has a red light focus indicator device. If it is equipped with the flight marking software developed by the company itself, connected to the photoelectric probe, and automatically triggered, the automatic flight marking function can be effectively realized. In addition, the flying laser marking machine can mark in Chinese, English and graphics. In addition, its plug-in intelligent control interface can be flexibly connected to various automation equipment and sensors, and the software functions can be flexibly modified according to the specific conditions of customers. According to the characteristics of some customers' assembly line speed changes, optional marking settings for speed measuring cards are provided, which can effectively ensure the coordination and unity of marking effect and speed. The above is the introduction of the working principle of the flying laser marking machine. I hope everyone can have a deep understanding after reading it.

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