Flying laser marking machine, let the product fly


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

Today is a high-efficiency society, especially in industrial production. In order to improve the production efficiency of products, many manufacturers have thought of many ways, such as: recruiting a large number of personnel, 24-hour three-shift system, but it is still not ideal. This requires a high-tech mechanized production model, using assembly line operations to process and produce products, which not only has high efficiency, but also has a high yield. In the past, laser marking machines could only mark stationary objects, which greatly limited the application of laser marking machines in industry, and the efficiency did not improve.

In order to meet the needs of this industrial production, many laser manufacturers have begun to actively carry out research in this area, thus launching flying laser marking machines. Different from traditional laser marking machines that can only mark stationary objects, today's flying laser marking machines can mark products that are in motion, which effectively improves the production efficiency of products and makes laser marking machines perform better Suitable for various industrial production needs. At present, the application fields of flying laser marking machines are very wide, and they are not limited to a single product. The technology of flying laser marking machines has gradually matured and has been widely used in health care products, tobacco, alcohol, foreign Packaging, food and beverage, 3C electronics, auto parts, handicrafts, clothing accessories, shoes and bags, household appliances and many other fields.

Flying laser marking machines are gradually abandoning the original single-field development model, and are gradually moving towards multi-faceted and full-field directions. The excellent performance advantages are increasingly highlighting the application value of flying laser marking machines. In the past, the laser marking machine equipment could only mark a single product on a static plane, which seriously affected the processing efficiency of the laser marking machine equipment. However, the flying laser marking machine operates on the principle of movement and adopts vector marking. The engraving operation of moving inkjet printing objects is carried out by moving the cursor in the direction of the unidirectional axis, which not only simplifies the procedure but also greatly improves the production efficiency, reduces labor costs, and brings considerable production benefits to production and processing. With the continuous development of science and technology, the application technology of flying laser marking machines will be increasingly perfected and improved, and the marking efficiency and quality will be greatly improved. It is believed that the cost performance of flying laser marking machines will be more prominent in the future. Can adapt to more fields.

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