How much is the UV laser marking machine?


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

There are many kinds of laser marking machines. Our common laser marking machines include fiber laser marking machines, CO2 laser marking machines, and ultraviolet laser marking machines. However, the price of ultraviolet laser marking machines is higher than that of other marking machines. Machines are much more expensive. So where exactly is it expensive? Let's analyze how much the UV laser printer costs. Everyone knows that UV laser marking machines are suitable for fine marking. So the price on spare parts is more expensive than others. Such as the laser we often say. Due to the relatively late development of domestic ultraviolet lasers. Therefore, the relative price and cost did not continue. The price of a three-watt ultraviolet laser is about 10,000 yuan. A 5-watt UV purifier costs about 20,000. This part accounts for a large proportion. In addition, the lenses contained in the vibrating mirror of the UV laser marking machine are also made of special materials. It is different from regular lens lenses. So the cost is relatively high. There are also field mirrors, which also use special materials, and the manufacturing process is relatively more difficult, so the price is relatively higher. Regardless of whether it is a 3-watt or 5-watt ultraviolet laser, a water cooler is required. Because the ultraviolet laser will cause heat during use. It is easy to cause deformation in the laser cavity, and the deformation will cause damage to the ultraviolet laser grinding machine. So in order to avoid heat, we need to use a water cooler. The cost of this water cooler is about three to five thousand. The control system of the ultraviolet laser Dai Wuji is different from the conventional laser control system, and the control chip is also relatively complicated. So the cost is also higher. The design of some circuits is also relatively complicated. Relatively speaking, it is not easy to make a complex machine. So the cost is relatively high. The profit of a UV laser marking machine from Correct Pack is around 30%. So many on the market have achieved 50% profit, so their prices are generally 50,000 to 60,000. How much is the Correct Pack laser UV laser marking machine? The general price of our three-watt machines is more than 20,000. The price of a 5-watt UV laser marking machine is generally around 35,000. Ultraviolet laser marking machine is suitable for fine marking. Such as our common glass carving. Circuit board engraving. There is also sapphire cutting and engraving. The engraving of gold and silver jewelry can use UV laser printers. The ultraviolet laser of the ultraviolet laser player is a cold light source. It does not cause overheating damage to the surface of the object. If you use fine processing, you can choose a UV laser marking machine. In no mood.

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