How to change the laser Q switch of the laser marking machine


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

With the wide application of laser marking machines, there are many types and quantities of laser switches for UV laser marking machines on the market. But the quality of UV laser marking machines is relatively good, because the relevant market departments are very strict in production management. So, if we bought a Q switch of a laser marking machine corresponding to our own machine model, how should we replace it? Usually divided into the following three steps. First, we need to remove the laser switch of the old laser engraving machine, and then we can install the new laser switch. At this time, we should pay attention to various matching phenomena, that is, the height of these light holes. Then we have to see if the control circuit is correct. If not, we have to buy a suitable laser switch for the uv laser marking machine. When we install, pay attention to whether there is a problem with the connection. If there is no problem, we can turn on the power to see if there is any leakage or blockage on the side. If not, that's normal. Second, we need to turn off the laser switch driver, then we can observe the good state of the laser output. If there is any problem, first shift the laser to a large aperture, then modulate. Finally, we turn on the laser driver and observe whether there is a laser. If the laser is not available, we can try increasing the current. After a series of adjustments at the end, it may be good. Then, we can fix the laser switch of the laser engraving machine, and also do some protective measures around it. This is a good way to prevent the Q switch from being damaged later, which is also a useful measure and the last step in the installation.

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