What to do if the laser engraving machine cannot type after changing the product


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

Why can't the laser engraving machine type when changing the product? This can rule out the problem of the machine equipment. There are two factors to consider when changing the product. One is the height of the product itself, so adjust the lens to a suitable height and focus well. The other is the material of the product itself, which requires adjustment and setting of software parameters. Anyone who has used a laser engraving machine knows that there are scales on the laser engraving machine. We adjust different scales according to different product heights. This method is called focusing. Companies that need to mark several products will mark on different scale position tables, which product is adjusted to which mark position. The laser engraving machine needs to adjust different power, frequency and marking speed for different materials to achieve the desired effect. Our Xinlei laser will adjust the marking parameters of different materials in your company during teaching. The screenshots are saved in a certain location on the computer. If you don’t know, you can set them according to the screenshots. This is probably the problem that the laser engraving machine cannot print characters when changing products. If the height of the two products is the same, it is a parameter problem, and special attention should be paid to the parameters. If the parameter is too high to mark directly, the material may be damaged; if the parameter is a plastic material, characters may not be typed because the power is too low. In both cases, the prerequisite is to ensure that the height of the two products is the same. If they are not the same, you need to adjust the lens height to a suitable position, and then adjust the material parameters of different products. Therefore, you must pay attention when using the laser engraving machine. I hope the above analysis can help you.

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