How to prolong the life of fiber laser engraving machine


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

Laser marking has become a very popular technology, especially now that the market brands are gradually becoming popular. More and more enterprises will mark and engrave their own products, which will increase the value of unit goods and obtain more profits. The fiber laser laser engraving machine is an important equipment for this marking work, so how to make the fiber laser marking work last longer? Today, let us learn how to extend the life of fiber laser engraving machine. At present, the service life of common fiber laser engraving machines on the market is generally more than 100,000 hours, but if the daily maintenance is done well, the service life of fiber laser engraving machines can be effectively extended. The specific methods mainly include the following aspects: 1. Pay attention to the use of the fiber laser engraving machine, remember: specifications. Use according to the instructions, pay attention to the standard civilian voltage of 220V. 2. Fiber laser engraving machine is a kind of precision equipment. Enterprises should regularly check its performance and maintain equipment. 3. Avoid long-term use and avoid overloading of the fiber laser engraving machine. 4. Debris, sundries and dirt around the equipment should be cleaned up. Excessive dust will allow dust to enter the device and affect the performance of the device. 5. The fiber laser engraving machine has certain requirements on the environment. Try to ensure constant temperature and dustproof, and don't put it in a humid place. 6. Maintain the marking head. The marking head is an important part of the fiber laser engraving machine, and it is very important to maintain this part well. 7. Follow the steps to turn it on and off. The fiber laser engraving machine should be turned on step by step. After the machine is working, it should be shut down according to the shutdown procedure, and the main power supply should be turned off. The above analysis is about how to prolong the life of the fiber laser engraving machine, I hope it can help you.

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