How to import WeChat map into laser marking machine


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

WeChat is not only a chat tool, we often use WeChat to transfer pictures to the computer, so how do we transfer WeChat pictures, let’s look at the specific WeChat icon screenshot tutorial. 1. We first send the pictures to be imported to the computer using WeChat. We first log in to WeChat on the computer, and then send the pictures to be imported to the file transfer assistant on the mobile phone. 2. Next, open the file transfer assistant on the computer. At this time, we can see the WeChat image we want, and use the right mouse button to click on another name to save our image on the computer. 3. Next, open the laser marking machine software, then find the bitmap import tool, and then find the WeChat image we just saved in the computer. After the above three steps, you can completely import WeChat pictures. If you want to import other pictures, the principle is the same. We can save the pictures in any tool to our computer first, and then turn on the laser directly in the computer. The software chooses to draw a bitmap file, which is our ordinary picture. What we need to pay attention to is that we try our best to use the original image to transmit the WeChat image, so that the quality of the image can be guaranteed and there will be no distortion. In addition, we can also save WeChat pictures to the mobile phone, and then transfer them to the computer through other tools, such as QQ. There is also QQ mailbox. You can transfer pictures to your computer. We can also synchronize the chat records in the mobile phone to our computer WeChat so that we can directly save the original pictures in the computer. The above is how to import the diagram we analyzed to you into the laser marking machine. The method is very simple. Most people can basically complete the above series of operations as long as they can use computers and mobile phones. What is complicated is how to process the pictures after the WeChat pictures of the laser marking machine are imported. In fact, we often have a lot of tutorials on laser marking machines on the laser website. We can search for more related tutorials.

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