How to modify the text of the laser marking machine?


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

Laser marking machine modify text or input text, this is the most basic operation of laser marking machine, let's tell you how laser marking machine modify text and add text, let's take a look together. 1. First open the laser marking machine software, click the draw text button, which is the fi icon in our left toolbar. 2. Click again with the left button of the mouse in our working area, and a default text Text will appear, and then a text window will appear on the left side of our software, and there is a text displaying text at the bottom. 3. Then we change the text to the text we want, and then we click Apply to take effect. 4. We can change the font we want in the font selection box. At this time, we must click Apply to take effect. 5. Change the size of the text, X and Y. There is a small lock symbol next to it, which is locked, which is to modify the size proportionally. If it becomes unlocked with one click, the length and width can be modified at will. You also need to click Apply to take effect. The above is the easiest way to modify the text. At this time, we will find that the text is hollow or hollow. We only need to select the text and click the H mark on the top, which is the fill function. After filling the text, the text will be filled. into solid text. In addition, there is a slanted F icon below the text, we click to open this window, this window is the font window. In this, we can make the font bold or italic, and we can also change the spacing and size between the fonts. There is also the distance between the font line and the line, we all change here. Another font modification is to change the font into an arc, which is also in this F icon font setting. First, we check the arc text, and then set the diameter of the circle and the reference angle. At this time, our text will become A circular text is made. Um.

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