How does the laser marking machine open the dxf file?


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

Everyone knows that the DXF file is a vector diagram, and the most used file is the export map in our CAD software, but many times the DXF file exported by our CAD cannot be opened in the marking machine, or it can be displayed and opened. Error, what is the problem, let's analyze it below, and then tell everyone how to open the DX F file. 1. First open the dxf file with CAD software, then find the file button above the CAD software, and then find the file and save it as. 2. Then came the key point. This dxf file is called 2000/LT2000 DXF. Be sure to save this file as 2000/LT2000 DXF. 3. Open the laser marking machine software again, find the vector image file and import it directly into the 2000/LT2000 DXF saved just now. At this time, the content of our DXF file will be displayed. From the above steps, it is not difficult to see that only the 2000/LT2000 DXF version can open the DXF file. Other versions may have garbled characters or may not be opened. Therefore, the DX F version 2000/LT2000 DXF with the best compatibility of laser marking machine software. In addition, we can also convert the file into a format that the software can read. This needs to be done according to our actual file situation. It is a very simple operation method for the laser marking machine to open the dxf file, including other vector files. Use this method to open, when the content of the marking machine does not recognize this file, we can use other tools, vector file tools, to convert this file into other formats before testing. The above is the tutorial on how to open the dxf file of the laser juicer we analyzed with you. I hope it can help you solve the problem that the dxf file cannot be opened during the use of this software.

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