How to set up the assembly line marking of laser marking machine


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

Many people use laser marking machines to mark on the assembly line, which can achieve fast and accurate marking. Let's take a look at how to set up the assembly line marking of the laser marking machine. First of all, we open the laser marking machine software, enter the flying marking machine settings, and then set the moving direction of the assembly line. We need to use several sensors or rotary encoders. After linking these peripheral devices, we need to manually control the assembly line. Move a small distance, then measure the distance and put it into the box of the AB distance of the marking machine, and then click calculate to complete the setting. It is worth noting that the setting of the popular line requires the flying marking function set by the marking machine, and also requires an external sensor, which cannot be completed by an ordinary marking machine and an ordinary control chip alone. First, if it is a flying laser marking machine produced by a regular manufacturer, carbon dioxide radio frequency lasers are usually used, mainly because its laser power density is very uniform and the output optical power is more stable. Light leakage occurs, and its anti-interference ability is stronger. There will be no shadows or virtual breaks even when marking in some special material suppliers. Second, the flying laser marking machine is also equipped with a high-speed scanning galvanometer. Friends who have used this device will know that its size is very small, its operation speed is fast, its stability is more guaranteed, and its performance has reached the international advanced level. So it is easier and more convenient for everyone to operate. Third, the reason why the performance is very good is mainly because the flying laser marking machine uses an embedded operating system, which has a very good touch operation interface, and the various functions of the control system are very powerful, which can meet the requirements of most industries. application process requirements. Fourth, the flying laser marking machine also uses the flying marking control system of Zhuanyun Hongnong, which not only has better performance, but also has a very simple operation method.

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