How to set the serial number of laser marking machine


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

Many companies are using laser marking machines to mark the serial number, so how to set the serial number in the laser marking machine software, today we will tell you how to set the serial number of the airport marking machine, let's take a look together. 1. First, we enter the laser marking machine software, first click to draw text, and add a paragraph of text. 2. Check the enable variable text in the text area in the lower left corner of the software, and click Add. 3. Enter the text element window, which contains fixed text, serial number, date and time, etc. Here we select the serial number. 4. The serial number is what we call the serial number. We set the starting serial number, and then the current serial number. The current serial number is what we call the first serial number to start marking. Then set the maximum serial number, the maximum serial number is the number of serial numbers we want to end. The serial number increment generally chooses one, that is, in the order of 123456. Choice 2 is 2468 10. Then click OK. According to the above steps, you can set the serial number of the laser marking machine. Next, we will enter the practical operation. For example, if we want to print a number from 1000 to 1500, we click Add to enter the serial number. The starting serial number is 1000, and the current serial number is also set to 1000. The largest The serial number is also set to 1500, and the serial number increment is changed to 1, so that 500 serial numbers can be changed. When the first one is typed, it is 1000, when the second one is typed, it is 1001, and when the third one is typed, it is 1002. If the serial number is mixed with English, but the English remains unchanged. We can start by adding a fixed text. Click the fixed text to enter the English we want to add, and then add the serial number in order, so it becomes AB1000, AB1001. We can also add the serial number we want according to the file. Select the file below, we can use Excel software to prepare our files. The files are arranged up and down, with one number per line, or set our classification in the first column. For example, the first column has the product model, production date, and delivery date. Then go down the row, so that through the file, our laser printer will mark according to the numbers in the file. It is generally used for our flight marking after going to the edge beating machine, that is, assembly line marking, which can realize fully automated mechanical marking. The above is the method of setting the serial number of the laser marking machine that we analyzed for you, hoping to help you solve the series of problems of the marking machine.

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