How to set up the laser marking machine too slow


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

Many times when we use the laser marking machine, we find that the marking speed is too slow. At this time, how should we set it up? Next, we will teach you what to do if the laser marking machine is too slow and some laser marking machines. Setting method. 1. Enter the laser marking machine software, we find the default parameter setting on the right side of the software, and remove the default parameter check. 2. You can see the speed of the laser marking machine inside. We can change the speed inside to a higher value. For example, if our speed is 300, we can change it to 600. even bigger. 3. Change the power of the laser marking machine. The power of the laser marking machine is calculated as a percentage. When we choose 50, only half of the power is enabled. If we think it is too slow, we can set this power to a higher value, but we do not recommend that you set this power to 100, because the greater the power, the greater the loss in the later stage. 4. Image processing We can simplify the image, or change the fill to a smaller fill, that is, change the line distance of the fill to 0.05~0.09, and then save it. The above is the introduction of the laser printer too The slow setting method, but the real setting can only solve these current problems. Everyone should understand that the faster the laser marking machine is, the shallower the marking will be, and the higher the power will be, the deeper the marking will be and the higher the frequency will be. The more intensive the marking will be, the frequency is generally set at 20~50, and the frequency cannot exceed 50. The default is generally 20, and the speed of the laser marking machine should not be too fast. This is a setting problem. If we want to solve the problem better, we suggest that you change to a higher power laser marking machine, as long as the output of the laser power is higher. The more selectivity we have, the better the marking effect will be, and there is another problem that the laser marking machine will lose power after a few years of use. So we will find that the marking machine is getting slower and slower, or the printing is getting shallower and shallower. This is the loss of the laser marking machine. Or the focal length of the laser marking machine is off. We can try to change the focal length of the laser marking machine. Finally, I found that if it is not possible, we can consider replacing the laser with a new laser marking machine. The above is how to set up the laser marking machine that is too slow. I hope it can help you solve the problem that the discount machine is expected to be very slow during operation. For more questions, you can pay attention to more technical aspects on the Correct Pack laser website. article.

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