How to use the marking machine


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Marking machine is the most common machine in industrial production. It is used to mark trademarks, QR codes, production dates, serial numbers, nameplates, etc. Its usage is also very simple. The following Correct Pack laser will tell you Let's take a look at how to use the marking machine. 1. The use of the laser marking machine is divided into two steps. The first is the software operation of the laser marking machine. We need to set the parameters of the basic marking machine first, select the type of laser marking machine laser, and also according to the laser marking machine. The type of mirror is divided into the size of the format. For example, the size of our field mirror is f254, and the marking range is 175x175mm. Let's set the format to 175 in the settings. 2. The space setting of the marking machine, click the setting button on the marking machine and we can see the working space. At this time, we need to set the upper left corner and the size. The size is set according to the width and height, and the width is set according to our above. The ratio is set to 175 and the height is also 175, and then the size X and Y X are -87.5mm. 3. Then we only need to connect the USB to the computer, so that the standard can be met. We can draw the required lines or various graphics. In addition, if we have a ready-made picture, we can click the file on the menu to import the picture we need. , the image format here can be Bmp, jpg, gif, etc., and vector files can also be imported. The commonly used formats for vector files are AI, or plt. 4. For example, if we need to type, we input the text we need in the working area of ​​the screen, and then click the red light preview to adjust the size and direction of the text we need to type. Next, we click on engraving so that we can output the text we need to type. The same operation process is used for other pictures and vector files. 5. The most important thing is the adjustment of our power and speed, that is, on the right side of the software, we uncheck the default parameters, um, and then we set the speed to 1000. This is based on our actual test effect, the power setting It is 60%, the power setting here is based on the percentage. This is the most basic operation of the laser marking machine. We need to continue to operate the specific operation according to our goals. It is actually very simple to use. Generally, it can be used with a computer foundation. In addition, the laser printer will be equipped with an instruction manual when it leaves the factory. Or video, also has been trained. So we don't have to worry about how to use the laser marking machine.

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