How much does it cost to buy a fiber laser marking machine?


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Fiber laser marking machine is the third generation of laser marking machine in the development process of laser equipment. The first generation is YAG laser marking machine, and the second generation is semiconductor side pump laser marking machine. Since the development of laser equipment, the first two generations have been in They were eliminated one after another a few years ago. As a result, fiber laser marking machines occupy the entire manufacturing industry due to their unique advantages, and are firmly in the market. How much does it cost to buy a fiber laser marking machine? Factors affecting the price of fiber laser marking machine 1. The power of fiber laser marking machine has different configurations such as 10W/20W/30W, so when purchasing, you should consider the main marking purpose of the equipment (see Fiber laser marking machine What are the advantages and uses of the marking machine?), the greater the power wattage of the marking machine, the higher the price of the laser marking machine, and the configuration of the laser marking machine corresponds to its price. 2. The services provided by different laser marking brand merchants also directly affect the final price. After all, the cost of professional communication, the quality of service provided, the speed of response, and the attitude and commitment of after-sales maintenance are all different.

3. Laser marking machine components: including lasers, galvanometers, field mirrors, boards, cabinets, computers, cooling and cooling systems, etc. The brands selected for the components are different, and whether they are imported will cause a huge difference in price. 4. Many people tend to focus on the contract and price when choosing a laser marking machine, thus ignoring some qualification issues of their company. It left unnecessary trouble for future work.

When choosing a laser equipment company, customers must check whether there are relevant licenses, whether the laser equipment has a certificate, and whether the engineer has a qualification certificate. 5. The competition in the laser industry is becoming increasingly fierce. Customers should not only pay attention to the quality of the product and the qualification of the company when choosing, but also know the services provided by the laser marking machine company in detail. For example, whether the company will send staff to install and complete the commissioning in the shortest possible time.

After installation and commissioning, will the company's staff provide free professional guidance to ensure that operators can get familiar with various operations as soon as possible. Whether the selected equipment has full machine warranty service. As the most advanced laser marking equipment at present, fiber laser marking machine can improve the efficiency and quality of operations.

With the expansion of market demand, there are many large and small laser equipment companies. After understanding the above factors related to price, I believe you will be able to choose a fiber laser marking machine that you are satisfied with. 1111MicrosoftInternetExplorer402DocumentNotSpecified7.8 pt Normal0.

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