is thermal printing better than inkjet


Is Thermal Printing Better Than Inkjet?

Printing technology has undergone seamless transformation and advancement in recent times, giving consumers a wide variety of printing options to choose from. Today, the two most commonly used methods of printing are thermal and inkjet printing. While both of these printing technologies are used extensively, the question remains: which one is better? In this article, we will conduct a thorough comparison between thermal and inkjet printing based on different aspects to give you a better understanding of each technology.

What is Thermal Printing?

Thermal printing refers to the process of creating an image by heating thermal paper, which then generates an image. Heat-sensitive paper is often used in this type of printing, and the heating element transfers an image onto the paper. Thermal printing is commonly used in everyday lives, which include barcodes, bank receipts, shipping labels, and more.

What is Inkjet Printing?

Inkjet printing is one of the most widely used printing technologies that produce high-quality images. In this method, the printer disperses ink over the paper to print an image. Inkjet printing is a considerably versatile technology as it enables printing on various surfaces, including fabric, plastic, and paper.

Comparing the Quality of the Images

When it comes to image quality, both printing methods have their advantages and disadvantages. Inkjet printing is widely known for producing high-quality images that are exceptionally sharp and bright. The printer produces high resolution and can print images with vivid color saturation on different types of paper. On the other hand, thermal printing is not as good in quality as inkjet printing. It can result in images that are a little faded and dull in color. In this aspect, inkjet wins over thermal printing.

Comparing the Printing Speed

If you're someone who needs to print high volumes of material quickly, thermal printing may be the best choice for you. Thermal printers are much faster than inkjet printers. This is because it doesn't need to spread ink on the paper, which consumes a lot of time. Thermal printing technology prints much faster than inkjet printing, providing higher output and reducing printing times drastically.

Comparing the Cost

When it comes to comparing the cost, thermal printing is a cheaper option than inkjet printing. Thermal printers are relatively more affordable, and the printing consumables, such as thermal paper and ribbons, are less expensive than ink cartridges. Thermal printing is a good investment, particularly for small businesses that want to reduce printing costs.

Comparing the Durability

Durability is an essential consideration for businesses as they require a considerable amount of printed materials to handle the demands of their work. Thermal printing wins over inkjet printing in this aspect. Printed thermal images are considerably more durable than inkjet printing since the printouts are waterproof and unaffected by UV light exposure. In contrast, inkjet printing starts to fade away and lose its quality as it's exposed to water and UV light.

Comparing the Maintenance

Both thermal and inkjet printers require maintenance to work efficiently. However, inkjet printers require more maintenance than thermal printers due to their complex mechanisms. Inkjet printers require regular maintenance, cleaning, and ink refilling to ensure the longevity of the printer. In contrast, thermal printers only need to replace paper rolls and ribbons when exhausted, leading to less maintenance and less cost.

In conclusion, thermal printing is better for businesses that need high printing output at a lower cost without compromising durability. In contrast, inkjet printing offers a higher quality image at a higher price point. We hope that by comparing these two printing technologies, we have helped clear up any confusion about which technology is better suited for your business.


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