Introduction to the advantages and applications of laser inkjet printers


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

As a modern precision processing method, laser inkjet printer has unparalleled advantages compared with traditional processing methods such as printing, mechanical scribing, and EDM. Laser marking equipment is maintenance-free, adjustment-free, and highly reliable. It is especially suitable for fields with high requirements for fineness, depth, and smoothness. Therefore, it is widely used in the luxury industry. Metal products that can be processed include iron, copper, Stainless steel, gold, alloys, aluminum, silver and all metal oxides. With the continuous development of the food industry, food safety issues continue to occur frequently. How manufacturers can improve the quality of Chinese food and win back the confidence of consumers is an urgent task before us. At present, the laser inkjet printer is the basis and important guarantee for the traceability of food safety. As an important equipment in the food industry, the laser inkjet printer is more and more widely used in various industries. For products that need to be printed on the production line, it must be clear and fast. In fact, the requirements for laser inkjet printers are very high. How to make laser inkjet printing machinery better complete inkjet printing without affecting production is the direction that coding equipment manufacturers have been constantly innovating. Coding equipment is the key for enterprises to win consumers for establishing the personalized characteristics of products and showing the unique personality of products through packaging. In order to prevent counterfeiting in the same industry and effectively manage regional sales, manufacturers will use high-tech anti-counterfeiting means to mark their products. At this stage, food companies generally use laser inkjet printers, and some problems continue to emerge: such as large consumption of consumables, high cost, easy to erase and change the marking effect, and high pollution. The use of laser inkjet printers for marking has been widely used in the industry for its unique anti-counterfeiting properties that cannot be painted.

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