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coding machine. In the field of consumer electronics, especially in the field of smartphones, the market competition for smartphones is very fierce, whether you are an Apple, Samsung or Huawei phone, you can't guarantee the quality of your phone, the next one may be them, so all smartphone manufacturers strictly control The quality of products, from electronic components to mobile phone casings, and use laser marking machines to mark them in QR codes to achieve traceability of product quality. Coding machine application.

Laser marking is a non-contact process, which will not cause other damage to the workpiece during the whole process. There is no ink and other consumables, no waste gas, no waste water, and no pollution to the permanent mark. QR code can carry a lot of information, which is the basis of product information traceability, but it means that each product can have its own unique, traditional two-dimensional code marking machine has low degree of automation, low efficiency and low efficiency, laser marking You can quickly realize one thing and one code. Laser coding technology is a more advanced coding technology than ink coding technology. The main difference is that laser irradiation replaces ink coding, which can realize Chinese, English, graphics and other information. Fast working speed, high definition, non-erasable, computer operating system, easy to operate, safe, easy to use laser marking machine, suitable for assembly line operation, its main feature is that it does not require ink consumables, and will not cause environmental pollution.

Application: Widely used in tobacco, beverage, food, pharmaceutical and electronic industries. The following are the differences between printer and ink coding. 1. Performance comparison:.

Anti-counterfeiting effect: The mark of the coding machine cannot be removed, but the anti-counterfeiting effect, the laser coding machine can be removed with chemical reagents, and the anti-counterfeiting effect is average. Working reliability Laser marking online high-speed flying line marking, 24-hour stable operation, no need to add materials to be affected by the environment, and has high working stability. Ink coding online coding, high efficiency, but due to environmental influences, ink may clog the nozzle, work needs to add ink, the overall work stability is generally 2, use comparison:.

Flexible coding machine computer operation, convenient coding content for editing, visual interface, intuitive, easy-to-use staff, ink coding uses key operation, only simple content can be edited, coding content is limited, and it is relatively inconvenient to adjust information. 3. Cost comparison:. Cost of use The one-time purchase cost of the coding machine is high, but the maintenance cost is low, there are no consumables, the overall follow-up cost is low, and no special maintenance is required.

The one-time purchase cost of UV laser marking machine ink coding is low, but the cost of later use is high, the consumption of ink consumables is large, and special personnel need to maintain and clean, which will also cause waste of production and maintenance time. Laser coding machine is a very high-end thing in our impression, such as the existence of laser guns, but with the development of technology, coding machine is also an incredible point, it has been widely used in beauty industry and manufacturing industry, such as Laser freckle removal and laser eyesight, just like the coding machine we are going to talk about today, the coding machine is a kind of machine used in the production process, so now I will understand the application of the coding machine according to the small code. Coding machines are also called laser printers or laser coding equipment.

First, let's take a look at the classification of laser encoders. First, it can be divided into two types: scribing and dot matrix. Now most of the laser coding equipment in our market is scribbled, and there is a new type of dot matrix technology called dot matrix resident technology, the scribing laser machine first scribes the trajectory of the characters to be recognized, but the dot matrix laser machine does not The more important trajectory points for drug identification are underlined. Therefore, under the same energy conditions, the laser speed of the new technology dot matrix resident technology laser encoder is faster, and another type of laser marking after marking is non-erasable IC automatic laser marking machine marking and It is permanent, the principle of the method is that the laser is then evaporated on the surface of the object, and then evaporated instantly, then the auxiliary equipment can be distinguished by the naked eye, and it is very easy to identify, it has no consumables, and the maintenance is very convenient.

The breakthrough of the laser marking machine lies in the subversion of the standardization and tradition of the traditional ink coding technology, thus creating this new coding method. The working principle of the coding machine, the working principle of the coding machine is to use a laser to concentrate very high energy on the object to be marked, and evaporate the material on the surface layer by burning or etching. The operator can control the laser mark and then Burn to mark patterns, text and more. The application of laser marking machine can be text, graphics, images, these common things, or the logo design of these commercial forms. Laser marking can be used on the back cover of the mobile phone case, such as our mobile phone, which can be seen on the back cover The LOGO of the brand, this can improve the competitiveness of the product in the market, and it is very strong, or maybe in some gifts, we can also use laser coding, such as a friend's birthday, send him a pen, and then you can enter it with the laser code His name or want to say it to him, coders are used in every part of our lives.

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