Operation method of laser coding machine


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

The development of enterprises is inseparable from industrial equipment. Nowadays, more and more enterprises use laser coding machines. The role of laser coding machines is to be used for coding. It is also called laser marking machine. Let's introduce the laser How to operate the coding machine. First of all, we turn on the laser coding machine, and we will prepare our code in the software. Click the text tool on the toolbar, change the default "TEXT" to the text we want, and then click the above application machine to take effect, and then click Marking, so that it can be coded. The above method is relatively slow. Is there a better way? The answer is yes. We still open the text tool, then check the enable variable text in the lower left corner, and then click Add. At this time, we can see that there is a fixed text , with a serial number, date, time, and so on. Serial number: first set the starting serial number, which is based on the serial number we need, such as starting from 1000, and the current number is 1000, that is to say, what number the marking starts from now, 10002 is the starting number of 1002, and the maximum serial number is the ending serial number 1050, It means that it is not too big to hit 1050. There are 50 in total. Date: We can set the time, minutes, and seconds of the year, month, and day. This is automatically based on the actual time of our computer. What time is our computer, and what time is the current marking. To sum up the above, the operation of the laser coding machine is mainly to set the marking number and time. It is not easy to set up and it is too complicated. You need to check the enable text and add the desired data in it.

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